New material from Gobekli Tepe

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Re: New material from Gobekli Tepe

Postby E.P. Grondine » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:14 pm

And Graham Hancock's latest synthesis:

I wonder when he'll learn about Dravidian "fish" glyph?
Note how Hancock plays fast and loose with the data, which is something Collins does not do.
Schoch's really rotten geology also comes into play again.

But Hancock is heading in the right direction. The data forced him into it.

Wht was in the man-bags? Graham promoting "amateur hours" with DMT:

Oh Joy! Tim Leary part deux.
I wonder how much damage Hancock will do before he figures out that not everyone is Graham Hancock?
If he ever does.

At least Hancock's pot use explains much of his earlier "research".

From my own point of view, most people do not know that I was working with the Holocene Start Impact Event in 2004, published Christmas 2005.

And a real pack of sutpid nasty little shits now accuse me of plagarizing either Collins or Hancock.
Or Firestone and Kennett et al.
But you here know better.

Oh well. I guess everybody's doing it now:
E.P. Grondine

Re: New material from Gobekli Tepe

Postby Gary Svindal » Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:28 pm

It seems Gobekli Tepe was the Navel Of The World, like Greenwich now, according to the ACE-Dharma RAWS-Amen World Map. This map is at least 6,000 years old, and probably copied from an older map, that shows Gobekli Tepe at the center of the world map. Check it here:
http://frontiers-of-anthropology.blogsp ... chive.html

Other good stuff about coneheads, facial reconstructions and hair styles.
Gary Svindal
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