Strange Ancient Cretan Underground Civilisation

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Re: Strange Ancient Cretan Underground Civilisation

Postby Tiompan » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:10 am

E.P. Grondine wrote:
Tiompan wrote:
E.P. Grondine wrote:Hi Tionpan:

The data are well known:

By the way, I do not think it is a "female cult".

It is just as or more than likely that there was a matrilineal society.

Gimbutas observations of rock sculptures of (hallucinogenic?) mushrooms are still valid.

Rock solid, in fact.

Hi EP ,
yes I know the data are well known that is why I asked why you thought "I think that none of you are aware of the complete disappearance of that culture on Malta around 2,360 BCE."
However the data does not include a " complete disappearance " ( change of culture as was found in many other places in the Neolithic - Bronze Age transition would be more appropriate ) at such a precise date .
Gimbutas saw mushrooms, and others still do , not always, but often with little justification , the same applies to other motifs like vulvas .

Its sometimes funny how many phalluses some people see in ancient artifacts.

In the case of Malta, this is no gradual change.
Its a cultural discontinuity, which brings me back to my original challenge to you.
What caused it, and show your work.

Yes ,Gimbutas has a lot answer for and apophenia and pareidolia explain a lot .

Your'e the one who said "the cultural discontinuity on Malta is abrupt and complete, around 2360 BC ."
Where is the work to support that assertion ?
We know that there was a change in culture around the Neolithic /Bronze age transition with zero evidence for the reason being due to impacts and the date for the transition probabaly began earlier . Read the literature and that is what you will discover .
You also failed to answer why you thought we wouldn't know about the transition ,which some of us obvioulsy did ,but if you meant the complete disappearance of a people due to a non local impact then we are unlikley to have been aware of a fantasy .
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